13/7/19 Temple 2s v Frome 3s

Has Owen Morgan woken up with a self inflicted hangover?   Is he scrabbling around the house looking for the score book?  Will he arrive at the ground to find that the 1st XI has taken a player at the last minute or that someone has decided to find another odd reason to disappear from the team sheet at the last minute?  I hope not.

After not playing for a few weeks, we arrived back at the Field of Dreams for a rematch v Frome.  In many respects, the game went to form for individual players.  Those who couldn’t buy a run – didn’t buy a run and those who were on good form did well.

We scrabbled together 145 on a slow, popping pitch which was on its fifth outing.  Billy Garrett batted very sensibly.   Defending well against the better bowlers and taking advantage of the looser stuff when he was in.

Simon Feaver, Toby Ingram and Rich Appleyard added to the relatively small total.  The captain was fairly sure that 145 was better than it seemed on this wicket and when factoring the eight bowlers we had at our disposal.

A massive tea was taken and there was enough left over to fill 12 baskets.

Feaver, as usual presented problems from the outset.  Pace aggression and swing ensured a strong start from the Hinton Blewett end.  Paul Lester continued his excellent form up the hill bowling with good accuracy and swing.

Appleyard continued from where Feaver left off and plucked three wickets to break the back of the Frome effort.  Billy finished them off, huffing, puffing and moaning to buggery up the hill.  Cat continued his excellent form behind the sticks, conceding not one single bye on a tricky, up and down surface.  

Frome were eventually bundled out for 71 for a nice comeback win for Temple 2s.   Off to the delightful Cheddar ground next week.

Who knows who will be available?