4/5/19 Temple 2s v Bridgwater 4s

Children of the 80s – sing along in the style of Paul Hardcastle: “In 2019 the average age of a Temple Cloud 2nd XI cricketer was fif-fif-fif-fifty one”.   It has to be said, that at various times of Saturday’s opening league game, this may have been evident to the more discerning spectator.


Ingram and Haydon debate what will happen when the captain inevitably loses the toss.  The hard work of our trusty ground staff is there for all to see.

Bearing this in mind, it has been moderately encouraging to read that highlights of England cricket matches will now be shown on terrestrial TV this summer.  If that encourages more young people to play the game then so much the better.

Back to the game.

The toss was won by Bridgwater captain Simon who chose to bowl on what could only be regarded as a very good surface for the first game of the season.

White and Comer opened and started fairly positively until White chipped one to cover.  Comer and Haydon batted fluently until they both gave their wickets away to the twirling Bridgwater captain.

The team’s overseas signing for 2019, Toby Ingram, batted with confidence and fluency. The fourth Edinburgh uni old boy (Rupert Preece) joined Toby to secure decent score.  Wickets fell regularly as the tail was exposed.  Very good fielding kept the Temple score to 163 which was 30 below where it would need to be – mostly due to excellent ground fielding from Bridgwater.

Tea was excellent and provided significant additional ballast for the undernourished and lightweight Temple XI.  Thanks Mrs W – it was fabulous.

Lester P bowled steadily and accurately up the hill.  Similarly, Thomas ‘The President ‘ Haydon bowled well in support, ensuring therefore that the game was in the balance with 20 overs gone.

Though Temple bowled reasonably, the game gradually went in Bridgwater’s direction.   Toby Ingram bowled well up the hill, working well with Cat Campbell to pick up a neat caught behind.

At around the 25 over mark, Farmer Appleyard grassed a firmly hit sweep from Polly Flinders and with that, Temple’s grasp on the game disappeared faster than an EU subsidy in post Brexit Britain.

Steve Curtis also had issues keeping his legs together for a period of time.  This did demote him from 4th best fielder in the XI according to our rigorous ranking system.

A pleasant evening ensued however with beer for all and seafood for some.

087AC871-CD9F-4635-A523-8D66E03FDF27Seafood in the Magna

There was no place for aching limbs as Temple’s double header weekend would take them to the wilds of the Somerset levels and a match-up with Shapwick and Polden on Sunday.