Frome 3s v Temple 2s

Our second league Saturday saw us make a trip to a new ground for most and a day in the village of Mells which is 3 miles from Frome.  

A delightful drive down through beautiful Radstock and idyllic Norton past beautifully named Lower Vobster brought us to Mells in good time.

There had been some considerable rain in the week previous, so the toss would certainly be of interest.

Temple, of course, lost the toss and were inserted on a damp, tacky and slow surface.

Comer went early trying to cut a ball that should have been had the benefit of a straight bat.

Howie continued to defend stoutly and proudly with Jon Doel on a day where a score of 140-160 would see the team who batted first very much in the game.

White, Appleyard and Withers did the same and took the score to 142.  28 extras certainly helped, even against an attack containing the brother of the Demon of Frome.

Young Appy and Simon Feaver were economical in their 16 overs, going for a combined 33 runs for their wicket a-piece.

At the end of his spell, Feaver was charged by 15 year old Jessica Smith and the former army officer had to make way for something a little more genteel.

More flight was always likely to make the difference on such a slow and turgid track.  Old Appy and Polly ripped 5 wickets out between them making Temple look like firm favourites with 10 overs to go.

An advert for non-drinking and the clean living life came in the shape of Frome’s number 11.  Robert Brown who smashed a number of free hitting sixes as Frome made a bid to turn the tide.  

Thankfully, Alex Comer’s special brand of flighted filth accounted for the final wicket and Temple could breathe easy.


A pleasant episode of refreshment followed in Mells at The Talbot Inn to celebrate Temple’s 2nd win of the season.  Onwards to Cheddar next week at the Field of Dreams.