Cheddar 2nd XI v Temple Cloud 2nd XI

Absolutely nothing to remark on for this game other than to mention that  Alex Comer batted very well for an undefeated 65 or so.

One of their bowlers was gifted a hat trick – well done him.

John Lennon (above)

Brody Wilton (above)

Secondly, Brody Wilton looks like John Lennon and has a decent appreciation of music from the 20th century.

Thirdly, we all needed to apply Savlon to the affected area following the good hard shellacking that we received at Cheddar.  It was a ten wicket hammering which you don’t see often.

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Not even the amusement one feels to see a fellow team-mate crumple in a heap when they are injured could make this anything other than the worst game ever.

Get well soon Paul Lester … it’s only a hamstring … you’ve got another one.

Paul ‘Eddie Hitler’ Lester