Temple 2s v Wedmore- Saturday 8/7/17

This report is written sometime after the event and may lack absolute accuracy and relies on an increasingly unreliable memory for detail.

The smell of sun cream pervaded the changing room prior to taking the field. That the changing room didn’t smell of eau de Ralgex did suggest that Howie and Cat were both being rested.

Wedmore batted first on a track that looked promising, albeit a little worn. The high flying Wedmore batsmen had trains to catch, parties to get to or were, to a man, on a promise.

Straight and accurate bowling from Richard Appleyard combined with poor shot selection from the Wedmore top border saw them collapse to around 50-5. All of the bowlers bowled really well with Appleyard bagging four wickets and Polly Flinders bowling with superb accuracy to claim a wicket and to only go for 14 runs in his eight overs. Wedmore were bundled out in the last over of the innings for 136.

The bright sun continued post tea and Comer and White put on a 50 partnership for the first wicket. Interestingly Comer becomes ‘coma’ when this computer’s AutoCorrect is allowed to do its work. That’s all I’m saying.

A flurry of wickets followed but White and Appleyard did enough to see Temple home against the league leaders. White finishing with 62 not out and Appleyard was dismissed just before the winning runs were scored for 25.

An unexpected 35 points in truth, but we will take them all the same!

It should probably also be recorded that White took a catch in this game with an imaginative use of armpit and right breast to fully secure the dismissal. This was probably also a day for those present to buy a lottery ticket and reminisce about other rare incidents such as being present for a full lunar eclipse, seeing Halley’s Comet or witnessing a genuine Vatican sanctioned miracle. A shrine will be opened on the place where the catch was taken and visiting pilgrims will come in the hope that other such miracles might take place for those who have faith.