Sat 7th July: Temple Cloud 2nd XI 233 a/o v Churchill C.C. 183 a/o

On world cup quarter final day, two teams turned up in the blistering heat, both really hoping that the captain would win the toss so they would be able to 1) stay out of the sun and 2) watch the England v Sweden Q-Final.

The outfield was browner than Tom Iles’ old kit and the wicket a blinding shade of white.    The two captains tossed in the gravel next to the changing rooms.


Tom Iles

If you are into numismatics, you may be interested to know that the coin was a standard 10p bearing a representation of the monarch’s head on one side and three lions rampant on the other.   Perfect for the day.

Understandably, “tails” was called by the Churchill captain and a the three lions failed to show for the only time in the afternoon, with the exception of a brief period in the second half I understand.   Temple donned the pads with Comer and Spike strolling to the wicket.

In the lead-up to the game, Comer had been vociferous in his demands that the game should be played at the allotted time and that no effort should be made to reschedule the match at an earlier time nor another, more convenient day.   The football was an irrelevance and we should all just concentrate on the cricket.   Let’s all bear this in mind shall we.

Spike batted fluently for a breezy 39 against the tidy Churchill opening bowlers.   Jon Doel was dismissed early and brought Tom Iles to the wicket.  As usual, Tom refused to remove his sweater and batted in two layers for his 50 in temperatures of over 30 degrees.   Comer’s seasonal injury arrived in July, at least 6 weeks later than most had predicted.  Some comedy running from Spike (the runner) and Tom led to Alex’s dismissal.

Keen to set the right example on this cricketing day, the dismissed Comer then slumped in front of the telly until tea was over, busily telling the England team how they could win the world cup more effectively than their current efforts.   “I’m not a good cricket watcher” was the only excuse offered.


Alex Comer (batting pre-injury)

The rest of us carried on with the cricket, Rich Appleyard batted very well indeed. Big drives and delicate pushes moved the score along nicely with Tom Iles and Will Withers.


Temple’s 233 was a good return on a track that offered some turn and occasional seam as it eventually showed signs of buckling in the heat.

Excellent, up-the-hill bowling from Paul Lester was the highlight of the first 20 overs.   This control made all the difference.    Spike also added to his all round day with a very good spell.   Will Withers bowled very nicely and bagged 5 good-uns, turning it to good effect down the hill.

Dan Raisbeck mixed it up too and grabbed more wickets.   Supporting these efforts, some very good catches from Rob Head, Will Withers and Ian Appleyard saw a very tidy day in the field mean that Churchill were dismissed for around 180 odd.   The second half of the score book is still with Churchill – full details will be uploaded on the site this afternoon.


A pleasant night followed (as it always does), celebrating Tim Raisbeck’s 60th birthday and the Temple/England win at the club house.   Very, very nice.