Temple 2s 161-7 v Shapwick & Polden 3rd XI 162-5

Saturday showed the benefit of having a fully functioning Youth XI to benefit all levels of the club.

The 2nd XI we’re beaten by an impressive S&P XI that contained several talented younger players who bowled, batted and fielded very well indeed.  This proved too much for Temple 2s who were inserted on a sticky dog.

It’s fair to say that a little moisture had managed to creep in under the covers to effect the pitch.   This meant that the toss would be vital.   “Heads” was called by Shapwick captain Nigel and he was proved correct as the monarch, once again was not shy in showing her wrinkly, unsmiling profile.

White, determined to save scoring ink, departed rapidly and Haydon was dispatched by Umpire Appleyard, LBW, for not many.   Appy recounted later “I looked for reasons why I could give it ‘not out’ but I couldn’t think of any!”   The disconsolate Haydon returned to the pavilion, grizzling like a farmer in the week before his HMRC return is due.

Appleyard R and Wilton H took turns to partner with Comer to build Temple’s total.  It was good to see the Somerset banker shake off his back ache and, with a fresh haircut that resembled the style sported by his local MP, go on to register his first 50 of the season.


                     Young Jacob 

Howie batted sensibly for 41 and was dismissed … guess how?  You got it!

Ian Appleyard added some excellent shots down the ground to take Temple to 161 at tea.

An absence of ‘sticky ring’ at tea was made up for with hot sausage which was welcomed by all.

Rich Appleyard bowled with good accuracy and Paul Lester did well forcing it up the hill to kick off the innings on a drying pitch.

Temple were in the hunt in the first half of the Shapwick innings but fell away after 20 overs or so.  A sloppy session post drinks quickly saw Shapwick move ahead in the game. Ian Appleyard picked up a couple of wickets, linking well with Cat Campbell for a neat stumping, to move himself to the top end of the list of 2nd XI wicket takers this year.

Beer and a warm shower – not necessarily in that order – softened the blow.  

By the way, do you take your dog into the shower?  ‘No’ I hear you say!  Every week, something happens at a Temple game that has never been seen before.  Last week, the epic turd release hiatus – this week, a scene befitting a Turkish steam bath for friends of Dot.  Rarely a dull moment in the Temple dressing room.

Sad scenes at other Division 6N venues this weekend:


If the results section of the website is to be believed, three teams failed to field XIs and were deducted 35 points.  Shapwick showed how it’s done – with a really strong youth XI impacting on the Senior XIs.  For our part, Spike went into our 1st XI and had a good day contributing to a great last over win – so let’s end on that positive!

Next week to Horrington and your £35 is due.