Wembdon 3rd XI v Temple Cloud 2nd XI

Arriving late is never ideal. Travelling to Bridgwater and negotiating the M5 on the Saturday of the bank holiday led to a fraught trip into Somerset down lanes and backwaters to avoid the M5.  This is probably our longest journey of the season and it was scheduled for a Bank Holiday Saturday.  Our sincere thanks to the fixtures computer.

Wembdon has a new ground which is beginning to settle into a nice cricket venue.  The visitors’ changing room was a little on the snug side however.

The on field captain was somewhere near Highbridge when the toss was completed.

Did you know that here is a 1/32 chance of losing a toss 5 times in a row?

Temple were put into the field on a slightly oddly shaped ground with two short third man areas.

Wembdon went off fairly quickly, regularly finding the boundary on a pitch with some bounce against the new ball.  A bowling change was required as it was necessary to find the right pace for the pitch and situation.  Polly Flinders landed the ball very accurately with the fielders backing him well.  One side of the ground was like a bunker at Royal Carnoustie which also slowed the ball considerably.  

Polly’s spell combined with Richard Appleyard’s economic eight overs made the difference for Temple overall on this day.  Sixteen combined overs from the pair going for 41 runs.

The Wembdon opener (Savage) carried his bat for a decent 73 but they were probably 20 short of setting a truly challenging target.

A very nice tea allowed for some repose and a brief view of Somerset beating Hampshire 2nd XI in the last 50 over final at Lords.  God bless the ECB.

Alex Comer was absent on an European enrichment odyssey, (courtesy of his wife he tells us).  This opened up an opportunity for Jon Doel to open with Tom.

And take the opportunity he did!     A fabulous 88 not out, alongside Haydon’s 64 did everything that a good opening partnership should.   Many a ball was lost into the ditches and hedges surrounding the ground to see Temple home in on Wembdon’s 185.

At one point, Tom was so grateful for his opportunity to open the batting for Temple 2nd XI, that he threw down his prayer mat mid pitch and said an impromptu prayer in the middle of taking a single.   Unusual? Yes it was – but Tom’s form has shown some signs of divine intervention this season.  Proof if it were ever needed that a clean living, prayerful existence will bring its rewards.


A beautifully silhouetted picture of Tom Haydon, mid wicket, at Wembdon yesterday.

The journey was going far too smoothly for Temple, so, just to inject some uncertainty, Ian Appleyard was promoted to number three so that he could have a ‘quick swish’ and get off to his family party in good time.

Ian clearly misheard the instruction and blocked for seven overs for 7 runs.

In truth, the soft, old ball and slowing wicket made run scoring tricky for new batsmen.  Thankfully, Jon Doel was in great touch and quickly brought the game to an end.

Having one shower in our tiny changing room meant for some unpleasant and uncalled for moments of team intimacy.  Perhaps it was team bonding?  Howie was excited enough to capture some of it on camera.  Perhaps there is a market for that kind of thing?

The evening continued.  A quick refreshing Amstel at Wembdon was followed by Timothy Taylor’s at Compton Martin and then back to the club for Chinese and chat.

Another win … which was nice.

On now to a couple of home games v Uphill and then we welcome Butleigh the week after.